Strength Training; No Fluff

I'm Chris Slone. I have been getting people strong for nearly 20 years. From professional and collegiate athletes, to regular joe's after work, I know how to use a combination of science and practicality to get people as strong as possible. I can teach you to do the exact same thing, but since you came to this page, I guess you wanna know my story - I'll try to keep it brief...

Training has been an identity of mine since I was an immature kid who always got into trouble. Training changed my philosophy on LIFE. It helped me to have more discipline, be more patient, & work harder.

Professionally, I have seen many sides of the industry....and many parts of the country (which surprised me as a small-town kid from Kentucky). I worked in Collegiate Athletics, primarily in Strength & Conditioning for a few years (its amazing how much time you spend in the weight room when you coach at that level). I then moved into the clinical setting as an Exercise Physiologist in a small hospital for a few years. This experience was great for me, as I was able to work closely with Physical Therapy & learn a great deal about joint health & corrective exercise. I have also done many stints in the corporate & personal training settings. I feel that the combination of these experiences have led me to become a more well-rounded coach.

I have a competitive background in Powerlifting, Strongman, & Weightlifting. I try to compete in Powerlifting & Strongman as often as I can, & continue to learn everything possible about training & improving performance.

My philosophy on training is based on combining scientific principles with practical, time-tested performance training. Use what works, cut what doesn't work, even if it is the trendy new method.


If you need help with anything or want to drop me a line, get in touch with me....I'm on about every social channel.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I hope it can be a valuable resource to improve your performance.